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Our expert offers affordable VA home loan  to active veterans and survivors of veterans with the  $0 down payment if within the VA loan rate limits.For list of high cost counties you can click below to get  access to more information.Orange County VA home limits  has been updated and has been classify as hi limit area. 

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If you already have  a loan, whether it's through the VA or not, if you qualify for a VA loan you can refinance your current mortgage to lower the interest rate, renovate your home, or get cash out.

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VA Purchase Loans

If you are a service member or Veteran and want to purchase a home, a VA loan is one of the best loan products available today. Find out everything you need to purchase a home with a VA loan Click Here

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All VA-eligible borrowers can expect:
·         As little as zero percent down payment
·         No private mortgage insurance
·         Competitive interest rates
·         No pre-payment penalties


1. Exactly what Is A VA Loan?

A VA loan is an unique kind of home mortgage that's backed by the national government, especially the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VA loans provide attractive terms and guidelines because the VA guarantees payment of a part of the loan to the lender even if the customer defaults.Made possible by the G.I. bill in 1944, VA loans are meant to assist active-duty military service persons, veterans and additional who are actually VA-eligible purchase a house.The VA loan is one more way the country recognizes your service.

2. Who Is actually Eligible For A VA Loan?
Not only veterans, but additionally other classes of military personnel are qualified for VA loans.
The list of eligible VA borrowers includes active-duty service persons, registered members of the National Guard, Reservists, surviving spouses of veterans, cadets at the U.S. Military, Air Force or Coast Guard Academy, midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy and officers at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.A minimum term of service typically is required.
3. Do I Needed to have A Down payment To obtain A VA Loan?

Most home mortgage need at least a small down payment. VA loans are an exception.
As an alternative to producing a down payment, the VA allows you finance up to 100 percent of the purchase price of the home you want to purchase. And also you never have to pay for mortgage insurance.Customers who obtain a conventional loan or an FHA loan, guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration, generally need to spend an extra amount every month for mortgage insurance if they make a down payment of less than 20 percent.

4. Exactly what Kind of Property Can I Purchase With A VA Loan?
A VA loan can be used to buy a detached house, condo, new-built home, manufactured home or duplex, triplex or four-unit property or to refinance an existing loan for those types of homes.The VA also allows you borrow an extra sum to make repairs or improvements to the house; or, help make it a lot more energy-efficient.
5. Can I Use A VA Loan To Buy A House in a Foreign Country?
No, you can not use a VA loan to purchase a home in a foreign country. Just properties located in the United States or a U.S. territory or possession, like Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands, are VA-eligible.
6. Can I Use A VA Loan To Buy a Rental Property?
No, you can not use a VA loan to purchase a rental property. You can, nevertheless, use a VA loan to refinance an existing rental property you as soon as lived in as a principal home.
For home purchases, in order to secure a VA loan, you have to certify that you intend to occupy the property as your primary residence. If the home is a duplex, triplex or four-unit apartment building, you need to occupy one of the units yourself.
7. How Do I Illustrate To A Lending institution That I'm Qualified For A VA Loan?
In order to present to a VA mortgage lender that you are VA-eligible, you'll have to have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which your lender could obtain for you online, usually in a matter of seconds.You'll also need to satisfy standard VA loan requirements providing income and employment verification, and residual income requirements.

8. Does My COE Mean I Am Guaranteed To Get A VA Loan?
No, having a COE doesn't guarantee a VA loan approval. Your COE shows the lender you're qualified for a VA loan, however nobody is "guaranteed" VA loan approval. You need to still qualify for the loan based on VA mortgage loan standards.
The "guarantee" part of the VA loan refers to the VA's promise to the lender of repayment if the borrower defaults.
9. My Credit Isn't Ideal. Can I Get A VA Loan?
Yes, you could get a VA loan even without "perfect credit". Numerous lenders utilize aggressive underwriting to help individuals who are VA-eligible receive loan approval, so you don't need perfect credit or a high credit rating to qualify.
If you have at least a middling credit score and also a past history of paying your expenses on schedule, you need to apply for a VA loan.

10. Should I Get a VA Loan If I've Been Denied Other Financing?
Rules for VA home loans changes often and you  can easily get a VA loan even though you've been denied for other financing.
Due to the fact that the VA loan offers such flexible guidelines, you may be in a position to qualify even if you've been denied for another type of home loan, including the FHA loan, a Traditional 97 mortgage, or some other kind of credit.

Expert VA home loan broker can help you with all of your questions. 

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VA home loans after bankruptcy  

To obtain an FHA loan or a VA home loan after  bankruptcy, you must wait two years from the date your Chapter 7 is discharged. You can obtain an FHA loan during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as long as you have made 12 months of satisfactory Chapter 13 plan payments, but you must have bankruptcy court approval to get the loan.In order to qualify for VA home loan after bankruptcy, you need to provide an explanation for your filing.

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If you currently receive disability benefits and have not yet closed on your VA loan, your funding fee is waived and you do not have to pay it.

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