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Many property buyers and real estate agents avoid the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) home loan program for concern that the program is usually too tough or regulations are too limiting. Nevertheless, in case you're a veteran in search of a mortgage, you really should not allow these kinds of myths drive you away from a VA loan in Orange County, CA!
The VA's government-backed home mortgages are among the most flexible and forgiving, and have some significant benefits. These experts're additionally a specialized mortgage product with one-of-a-kind demands, a few of which in turn can become sticking points for veterans and real estate agents.

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Here's a glimpse at three common possible obstacles for VA home buyers, and how to clear them!


The VA loan guarantee requires you to live in the property as your main home. In other words, you can't utilize your VA loan to buy rental property or a vacation home (no matter the way good this is!). But, it is possible to have more than just one VA loan active at the same time, making it possible for you to lease the home at your previous duty station and buy a new property at your all new station!

Credit Score
Credit Score: The VA doesn't specify a minimum credit score requirement, however VA lenders are more often than not searching for a minimum credit score of 620. That's considerably lower than the 740 that traditional lenders require!

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 A property does not have to be in immaculate or even in brand new condition, however it does need to fulfill the VA's minimal property requirements to ensure that the home is safe, sound, and sanitary. The flowery wallpaper from the '70s will fly, but the chipping outside paint may not! Fortunately, small fixes could be made to the home to make it possible for the sale to move ahead. Real estate agents whom recognize the VA's minimum property requirements can easily direct you to "move-in ready" homes!

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VA home loan guaranties are actually published to help eligible Service members, Veterans, Reservists, National Guard members, and a number of surviving husband or wives purchase homes, condominiums, and manufactured homes, and also to refinance loans.More Info

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CalVet offers a fantastic home loan alternative for veterans purchasing house in California. A CalVet home loan protects borrowers money and provides residence protection that is typically less expensive than that offered somewhere else. CalVet has extended qualifications to ensure that most honorably released veterans and active duty service members wishing to buy a home in California are simply eligible. The CalVet Home Loan program is not the federal government VA loan guarantee program. Rather, CalVet is a lender of home loan funds. Just like commercial banks, CalVet has a range of loan options available, one of which is the federal VA guarantee program. Compared with commercial lenders, CalVet provides a strong program which consists of affordable property insurance, which deals with fire/hazard as well as earthquake and flood.

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Are you eligible For VA Home Loans In Orange County?
  • Veterans: If you served for at least 90 days on active duty during war time, you are likely eligible.
  • Veterans: If you served for at least 181 days on active duty during peacetime, you are likely eligible.
  • National Guard and Reserve: If you served for at least 6 years in the Selected Service or National Guard (with an honorable discharge), you are likely eligible.
  • For detailed eligibility information contact Orange County VA home loan expert!
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